Shaving Cream

Nothing makes a man feel more put-together than a clean, smooth shave. To keep your style dapper and fresh, it's all about choosing the right shaving cream for that clean sweep. Cosmo Shaving Cream will leave your skin feeling soft, stubble-free, and clear of any irritation. The cream enhances the shaving experience and gives smoother moisturized skin at all times.

Cosmoplus Shaving Cream

Refresh your shaving experience with Cosmo’s skin-friendly shaving cream that gives an ultra-smooth finish with complete protection against cuts and redness. The cream comes enriched with active natural ingredients like palm oil and is available in fragrances of lemon fresh and fruit crush, leaving you all smooth and scented
Variants: Shaving Cream Premium, Fruit Crush, Lemon Fresh
  • Available in sizes of 30g, 70g and 120g