COSMO HERBALS LTD, with its huge array of naturally processed skin care, hair care and beauty care products is a leading manufacturer and marketer in the cosmetic industry. Since the past 42 years, the company has been actively engaged in producing and marketing high quality beauty products that are completely at par with renowned global brands.

In our efforts to unveil the new age glamorous persona of women and men, we constantly adhere to strategic and innovative R&D, in line with latest formulations and state-of-the-art technology. We believe in nature being the true epitome of beauty and hence our extensive range of products is a combination of natural herbs, fruits and flowers. Furthermore, our distinctively pampered products are manufactured under highly caliber-ed and technically advanced formulations that delight the senses, sooth the soul and respect the goodness of nature to enhance the beauty & well being in daily life.

Your beauty is well preserved when it is nourished with love and care. The wide range of skin care, personal care, hair care and make up products from the house of Cosmo Herbals are the treasures of beauty you always desired. These products, made from organic ingredients reveal the true natural beauty of your skin and hair.